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Creative Direction - Dean Large
Photography - Asher + Oak
Project Summary
Branding | Web Design | Web Development | Layout Design | Product Protoyping and Development
I was trusted and tasked to create all visual elements for Landmade; Forte Brands' pioneering in-house brand, revolutionizing the bathroom industry with its environmentally conscious luxury bathtubs. As the creative mind behind Landmade's visual identity, I drew inspiration from nature, infusing the branding and website with imagery that links each bathtub to a distinct element of the natural world, imbuing them with unique "personalities."

Guided by Landmade's sustainability commitment, I curated a natural and honest visual experience. The branding and website design seamlessly integrate  imagery inspired by nature's elements. Each bathtub, from "The Oku" evoking the grace of a whale's tale to "The Sevan" reflecting the ethereal beauty of a cloud, embodies the wonders of the natural world .

Additionally, I designed, prototyped, and lead project management on the development of a tactile finishes box, orchestrated display media, and played a crucial role in the first product photoshoot, collaborating closely with our Creative Director.

Landmade emerges as an extraordinary embodiment of environmentally conscious elegance, transcending traditional luxury with its profound connection to nature.
Project Summary
Cover Design | Merch Design| Songwriting | Production | Mixing | Mastering | Content Creation | Video Editing | Video Production
Introducing "Outside," my debut EP released in May 2020, a project that holds immense personal significance. As a musician based in Denver, Colorado, I took on the roles of producer, writer, recording engineer, mixer, and mastering engineer, playing a part in every aspect of its creation.

For the EP cover, I embraced my creativity and resourcefulness. Using model train parts, a piece of foam, and  a candle box from IKEA, I crafted a visually captivating cover that embodied the essence of "Outside." It was a way to bring the physical world into the project and reflect the vibe of the project.

For the merch, I  embraced sustainability and my love for DIY and  hand-dyed t-shirts using avocado seeds, ensuring that each piece was one-of-a-kind. This attention to detail and personal touch became an extension of the EP's essence.

"Outside" is more than just a collection of songs—it represents the pressures, unease, and beauty of navigating your 20s, chasing dreams, and searching for purpose. It's a reflection of my journey. This EP is a testament to the passion and determination that drives me as an artist, and I am thrilled I got to share it with the world.
Project Summary
The Gas Station
Branding | Web Design | Web Development
The Gas Station is a Dispensary located in Rutland, VT that is located in an old Texco Gas Station. Guided by this essence of the old gas station, I crafted a compelling brand identity that paid homage to its history while embracing the modern cannabis industry. From the logo design, reflecting vintage elements infused with a contemporary twist, to the color palette and typography choices, every detail resonated with the station's heritage and the dispensary's forward-thinking nature.

Screen Printed and hand dyed with avocado skins

Cover Process

I wanted to create the Outside cover as unconventionally as possible. Everywhere I looked, I saw digitally designed covers. There's nothing wrong with using Photoshop, of corse, - but I wanted to build something tangible; something I could keep and touch to bring back the memories of the moment in time and process of creating Outside. I built this diorama by hand using model train parts, a candle box from Ikea, foam, and then photographed it.

Project Summary
Color Block is a shared workspace exclusively tailored for the creative minds of Denver, CO. Defined by their powerful mantra of turning nothing into something, I had the honor of crafting a logo that embodies this transformative essence. To bring this vision to life, I designed a logo that visually portrays the metamorphosis from emptiness to fulfillment. A mesmerizing journey unfolds as an empty circle gracefully evolves into a complete circle, symbolizing the creative energy and potential that thrives within the walls of Color Bloc
Project Summary
Rebrand | Website Design & Development
Chambord is a luxury sink company based in France. When Forte Brands Purchased the rights to sell Chambord in the USA, I was tasked with redesigning the logo. In doing so, I embarked on a creative journey that paid homage to Chambord's origins while infusing it with a contemporary flair. Balancing the delicate dance between tradition and innovation, I carefully crafted a logo that captured the essence of Chambord's prestigious craftsmanship.The result was a logo that breathed new life into the brand. The refined aesthetic and elegant design resonated not only with the Forte Brands team but also with the French wing of Chambord. They were so enamored with the rebrand that they adopted it worldwide, showcasing the timeless elegance and impeccable quality that Chambord represents across the globe.
Project Summary
Ardente Supply & Waterspot
Website Design & Development | Merch Design | Truck Design | Ad design
Ardente Supply and Waterspot showrooms is a company based in New England That is actually owned by my father. When I began my freelance business - they were in desperate need of design work. They went without a website for 10 years, so I created them one. I also designed multiple truck wraps for them as well as countless other assets (merch, ads, social assets, posters, etc.)
About Me
Zach Ardente
My name is Zach Ardente, and I hail from a background steeped in hard work and blue-collar values. While growing up, I spent my summers and winter breaks in the trenches of my father's plumbing business—a world where elbow grease and resourcefulness were paramount. It was in this gritty environment that the "pick up a broom" mentality became ingrained in me, driving me to seek ways to contribute and make a tangible impact. I was not to sit and look at my phone in the lull of the afternoons when Plumbers rarely came in. I was to pick up a broom, and get to work.

As I ventured into the realm of creativity, I brought with me the work ethic instilled by my blue-collar roots. With a diverse professional background spanning both large corporations and small enterprises, I have developed a knack for building brands, crafting captivating marketing campaigns, and delivering meaningful results.My journey has been shaped by my ability to thrive in various professional landscapes, whether working for esteemed companies, collaborating with independent ventures, or embarking on my own creative endeavors. Through it all, I have honed my skills in brand development, marketing, and content creation, adapting to the ever-changing demands of the industry.

Now armed with a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, I approach each creative task with an unmatched tenacity and a drive to exceed expectations. The "pick up a broom" mentality continues to guide me, reminding me to remain hands-on, resourceful, and relentless in my pursuit of artistic greatness. With a dynamic blend of blue-collar work ethic, creative prowess, and an innate ability to connect with people, I have consistently left customers and employers satisfied. My journey, rooted in the belief that meaningful results stem from hard work and dedication, propels me forward  to make a genuine impact wherever I go.
Project Summary
Cosmic Collective
Website Design & Development | Merch Design | Branding | Ad design
Ccosmic Collective is a rehearsal space, recording studio, and live venue in Boulder, Colorado. I was enlisted to create the branding for this company from the start, and was given the direction of creating branding that aligned with it's "heady", grateful dead liking, hippy-ish vibe, I was instructed to incorporate these elemnts without isolating people who may not be into this. The result was the branding I created which is professional, but is a nod to those design elements. I worked with this company daily for years and created countelss assets for them including social assets, video editing, mixing/mastering services for audio, merch, and posters.
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